Cherry Blossom Festival Conyers

Conyers Cherry Blossom FestivalConyers, GA

The Conyers Cherry Blossom Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to the cultural exchange of international art and music, to the enhancement of the quality of life in our local communities and to fostering a friendship that is synonymous to the Japanese cherry blossom.




March 22 - 23, 2014


Georgia International Horse Park

Conyers’ first cherry trees were donated by Hideo Ogino, former President of Maxell Corporation of America. To further nurture the friendship and exchange of Japanese culture, in 1982, Maxell along with the Chamber of Commerce, held the 1st Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival featured Japanese cooking classes, silk flower arranging, Oriental doll exhibits, Origami exhibits, Kabuki theater, bonsai tree exhibits, karate demonstrations and a Haiku contest.

From that simple beginning, the month-long Festival has grown to include thousands of participants from many diverse cultures. Scheduled during the blossoming of the beautiful Yoshino Cherry Trees, the Festival encourages cultural understanding and friendship through international music & dance, arts & crafts, food, fine arts, and games & entertainment for all ages.

In 1991, the Conyers Cherry Blossom Foundation was formed to organize and oversee the Festival and related events. Due to the growth in attendance and exhibitors, the Foundation found it necessary to relocate the festival from the grounds of Maxell. In 1997, the Foundation selected the Georgia International Horse Park, site of the 1996 Olympic Equestrian events, for the location of the Festival. In 1999, the Foundation contracted with the City of Conyers and the Georgia International Horse Park to oversee and present the annual Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival.

The Foundation continues to partnership with local organizations with proceeds benefiting non-profit organizations. The Foundation also continues to raise funds through donations, sales of Japanese cherry trees and international cookbooks, as well as proceeds from a Queens Scholarship pageant.

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Cherry blossom festival so....

by crabheaven

Things are crowded. You should get there around 9 to make sure you get them. I think you can get the tickets online the day you want to go. I found this website
Printing and engraving you won't need tickets for, air and space will be crowded. The museum of american history is a really good one that is less crowded and closest to the Washington monument. If you want to see the cherry blossoms, I recommend you get up really early and walk down. Another good way to see them is by paddle boat on the potomac. A lot of fun, the weather is fabulous this week

I live in dc!

by -----

Spring is best, with nicer weather and fewer tourists. the cherry blossom festival fills the city with local and long-distance tourists alike. if you want to avoid people, try going before the festival, since it's basically the kickoff of the tourist season around here.
how much time you need in dc depends entirely on what you want to do. look through websites and books to determine what you want to see. use a map to determine what things are near each other (many of the monuments and msueums are near the national mall, which makes budjeting time easier).
my friends and family usually have a day or two for monuments and a day or two for museums when they visit, so a long weekend is usually perfect

You wouldn't be able to get around security if

by ---------------

You wanted to walk up the steps where Beck was, but I'm sure a tourist could have taken pictures from a distance away. I wasn't at the Lincoln Memorial that day, but was in DC and the crowds were not that overwhelming compared to big events that happen annually. metro, etc. was not nearly as crowded as the cherry blossom festival and it felt like a fraction of the number that come for the 4th of july

A Taste of the Cherry Blossom Festival

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