Festival of Lights Atlanta

“Very beautiful... like an enchanted forest!” –Cynthia Stotler Koscinch

“In a word: Outstanding! By all means see this new Atlanta attraction that will undoubtedly become a holiday tradition!” –Ralph Schmitt

“Let’s just say I didn’t know this amount of awesome could exist in the middle of the city!” –Nathan J.

“I can’t wait to see the full display again! How cool is this going to be! Thank you,Atlanta Botanical Garden,for your innovative year-round programming. The Garden is truly a jewel in the heart of our city and helps make Atlanta a wonderful place to live.“ –Dennis R. Kemp

“We were blown away by Garden Lights. I felt a sense of pride about being from Atlanta that I had not felt in quite some time. The quality of the lights and sheer beauty of the Garden during this event were beyond anything else that I have experienced ...“ –Kelley O.

Fort Myers

by Booktty830

The Buckler's Craft Fair is at the Civic Center on Feb 8th thru 10th.
The SW Florida Fair is also at the Civic Center on Feb 29th thru march 9th. They always have craft booths.
Edison Festival of Lights - Craft Show on 2/15-2/17 downtown on the river
M.Y. Promotions is having the following
01-26/27-08- Ft. Myers Beach ( Lover's Key State Park
02-02/03-08 Arcadia ( Turner Center )
02-16/17-08 Naples (Prime Outlet Mall on

Christmas Festival of Lights  — USA TODAY
Three things distinguish the city of Natchitoches (pronounced nak-a-tush): its age; its annual Christmas festival; and the fact that it served as a location for the 1989 film, Steel Magnolias.

The Gales at hub of year-round activities in Ladysmith  — Vancouver Sun
For people living on Vancouver Island, the town of Ladysmith is known primarily for three things: its turn-of-the-century architecture, its annual Christmas Festival of Lights, and its claim to fame as the birthplace of Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

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