Mask festival procession in

Griffith Park Lights Festival

I'm not sure how this became a tradition. It would be like a tradition of burning tons of gas in an open fire because that's what you're essentially doing. The Department of Water and Power, you would imagine they would know a little better than to waste electricity on a quarter mile of lights along a park.

Worse off is the amount of gas that your average person uses while waiting in the hour to two hour long traffic jam that you have to wait for in order to crawl to the final destination of the lights. The pay out is really not that good.

Again, this is extremely slow crawling and if you don't mind waiting in a car and going less than 2 mph, then I guess it can be fun for you.. but really, how much gas are you wasting going through this. Is two hours and a tank full of gas really worth it to see this?

Thy usually have a couple of weeks of walk/biking only nights. Frankly, that's the only way ever to see this. Not only will you get some work out but you'll actually get to enjoy and talk to other people. Isn't that what this car culture filled city needs? Some time AWAY from the car.

I just can't believe how much of a carbon stomp you're creating while going to see a quarter mile of lights. It really is the most awful things you can possibly do to the environment.

Besides that, do you really want to have kids in your back seat moving a couple of miles in two hours time. I mean, if you don't have one of those dvd players in your car, I can't imagine how driven insane you will be after it is all said and done.

So what will you do to kill that two hour wait while you idle slowly to the lights? Yeah.. a whole lot of nothing. Then again, in a conversation with an ex girlfriend about the DWP light festival and how I would never wait in that line, she revealed that she loved the light festival and passed the time waiting in traffic performing some... um. oral activities that you really don't want to catch anyone in the dark woods of Griffith Park doing...

So yeah.. come for the two hour traffic jam of a wait.. stay for the view of people in their back seats doing things you really don't want to let your kids see. Yes, with that glowing review I'm sure you're rushing out to this waste of a festivity event.

The only time I can even give this place any slightly above average review is if you're going to park at Griffith park and do the walk/bike nights. Any other time and you're pissing on the environment.

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My family

by AMTerrell

Is from a town like that, no stop lights to speak of and any town with one is 45 minutes away. The only 3 stores (none with gas pumps) are all mom and pop stores. My grandparents own one of them. My maiden name is on every other mailbox. We actually even have a festival and parade every year called the Hell Hole Swamp Festival (cause that's where we're from) which features a lifted truck contest, mud runs, and arm wrestling. And local people know this is no joke, and the news channels even treat it as such. It's crazy, like when Reese Witherspoon said in Sweet Home Alabama people need a passport to come down here

New Orlans end

by laiadevorah

At the end of the line, I wander amidst the crowd. Colorful feathers fly from masks and puppets. Skeletons lead the parade. A coffin decorated with greenery and more of those pink and purple pearl beads leads the way to the entrance and the main Voodoo Festival Stage. Makeup lights faces both white and black. Music blasts from the podium, elevating the sighs of loss and outrage to determination and gasps of pleasure. Jazzy beers and Southern Comfort lubricate the senses as the sights and sounds amplify spirits and the parade wanders by gathering revelers with nothing but lit eyes and smiles. Anthony Keidis takes to the stage and does a back flip to celebrate New Orleans’s outrage

All the wine

by m0re

I'm put together beautifully
Big wet bottle in my fist
Big wet rose in my teeth
I'm perfect piece of ass
Like every Californian
So tall I take over the street
With highbeams shining on my back
A wingspan unbelievable
I'm a festival
I'm a parade
And all the wine is all for me
And all the wine is all for me
And all the wine is all for me
I'm a birthday candle in a circle of black girls
God is on my side, cause I'm the child bride
I'm so sorry but the motorcade will have to go around me this time
Cause God is on my side, an

NO MORE ALOHAS (kissing booth)

by R_Toady

She stretched out on the sheets. I could not look at her.
"Tell me all about your exploits" she said in what was probably meant to be a seductive voice. I said I don't have any exploits.
The long flop, where it went, window right outside the window, I asked if I could close the curtains she said no.
Close shaven, palms arching up over the vague ceiling. Music much too loud. Her favorite song; some diva warbling about child abuse, electronic drum beat. Pumping, thrusting, twisting. Sticky sweet smell in the air, fermented apple perfume. Moulding rose hips, glass of stagnant water on the bedtable

WTVI Charlotte's 1991 600 Festival of Lights Parade (Charlotte, North Carolina) VHS VIDEO
Video (WTVI)

Group says funding cut could mean end of road  —
.. including promoting the downtown Main Street business district, publicizing and administering the CRA Facade Grant Program, and holding four events: the Veterans Day Parade, Festival of Lights Parade, Founders Day Parade and National Night Out.

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Sanker spoke at the star ceremony along with former N'Synch singer Lance Bass and Los Angeles' Channel 4 anchor Robert Kovacic. Vanderpump will return to Palm Springs in early December to serve as grand marshall of the Festival of Lights Parade.

Guild Golden Age of Light Music the 1950s
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Lisa Vanderpump Achieves Star Status in Palm Springs  — Palm Springs Life
6 as the Celebrity Grand Marshal for the city's signature holiday event, the 23rd annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade. As a frequent visitor, Vanderpump has brought visibility and awareness to the Palm Springs community.

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  • Image Description Thames Festival Parade Lanterns at the Mayor of London Thames Festival Parade.
  • For any queries regarding this image please contact Prints Prints Prints quoting Reference 1441441
  • Image supplied and selected by Prints Prints Prints. (c) Paul Brown
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