Russian Film Festival

Russian Film Festival

Every year, for more than a decade, New Yorkers have been introduced to the best of modern Russian cinema and the talent behind it.

Since its launch in 2000, the film week has introduced New York to the latest works of Russian filmmakers, actors, and producers. Russian Film Week NYC has become the landmark cultural entertainment event of the city, and is highly regarded by the Russian-speaking community as well as enthusiasts of foreign and indie cinema. After a yearlong hiatus, the beloved festival returns to New York with the support of Kartina.TV, the leading IPTV provider of Russian-language programming. This year’s program will also feature Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and master classes led by the participating filmmakers and actors, as well as Hollywood directors, producers, and film critics.

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Name this Russian film

by tonguestan

A boy is growing up in Siberia during the 30s. he befriends a Japanese POW who works day in and day out on a massive pile of coal. Throughout his adult life, the boy never grows up (like the Tin Drum). he eventually takes a journey on a steamer where everyone is drunk and singing:
(one song goes like this)
Oh where are you going today sonny?
I'm going into the village Grandma
and why are you going to the village sonny?
To fuck girls grandma.
Be careful not to get any diseases sonny.
Oh go fuck yourself grandma
I never got the title of the film, but i loved it

Just saw an article on the rise of Romanian film

by creigette

New Wave on the Black Sea
New York Times 1/20/2008
This somewhat improbable question began to circulate around the midpoint of the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. For some reason, the critics, journalists and film-industry hangers-on who gather in Cannes each May to gossip and graze rarely refer to the films they see there by their titles, preferring a shorthand of auteur, genre or country of origin (“the Gus Van Sant”; “the Chinese documentary”; “that Russian thing”)

Harvest Time (English Subtitled)

Still Life wins at VOICES  — Screen International
This came after Sitora Alieva, programme director of the Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi, told that “the new demands introduce chaos, confusion and absolute stagnation in the festival movement”. “The films come to the Kinotavr ..

Award-Winning Armenian Director Makes Films in Moscow Influenced by ..  — Hetq Online
Included in this year's GAIFF's Armenian Panorama program is the director's filmStar, which won awards for best director and best actress at the Sochi Open Russian Film Festival (Kinotavr). "When I'm filming, I don't want to say anything; it's just ..

Tipografiya Catalogue of the exhibition "Le tapis rouge" - Yuri Feklistov photos. Cannes International Film Festival, 1998-2003. (In Russian and English) / Katalog vystavki "Le tapis rouge" - Yuriy Feklistov fotografii. Kannskiy mezhdunarodnyy kinofestival, 1998-2003 gg. (na russkom i angliyskom yazykakh)
Book (Tipografiya "Novosti")
New Wave Films Elena [ NON-USA FORMAT, Blu-Ray, Reg.B Import - United Kingdom ]
DVD (New Wave Films)
Global Treasures OLAVINLINNA St Olaf's Castle Finland
Corinth Video Laserdisc of SOLARIS with Donatas Banionis, Natalya Bondarchuk, Yuri Jarvet and Vladislav Dvorzhetsky. Classic Science Fiction Film.
Single Detail Page Misc (Corinth Video)
  • Double Disc set. Widescreen Edition. Digital Audio Laserdisc.
  • In Russian with English subtitles. Winner of Grand Jury Award and Cannes Film Festival.
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