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Greek Festival Rochester NY

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The music is loud, the food is plentiful, and everybody seems to know each other.

I stopped into the dinner tent and ordered the vegetarian plate for $12 with a choice Spanakopita (I chose this) or Tyropita. Served with Dolmades, Greek salad, pita bread, and rice. More than enough for two people (plus, you know you're going to get dessert).

I would have added a photo, but it didn't look very pretty. Just a plate of beige food. The Dolmades were packed full of flavor and the spanakopita was pretty tasty. Everything else was meh.

For drinks, I recommend the Ouzon soda, made right here in Rochester, which tastes of aniseed. Among the standard beer selections (Bud, Coors, etc.) they also offer a Greek beer, Mythos, for $5.

For dessert we got the sampler, which I'll add a photo of. It featured Baklava, Kourambiedes, Kataifi, and a few other treats. Most tasted the same, filled with nuts, honey, and spices, often wrapped in Phyllo dough. I wish the Loukoumades were included, as they looked tasty and different. Also really wanted to try the baklava ice cream. For $15, the sampler is probably not worth it. We did split three ways though and still had extra. I say stick with the backlava.

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