St Demetrios Greek Festival

St. Demetrios Greek Festival

Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church of Baltimore, MD presents their 41st Annual Greek Festival from . Come join us in a celebration of life, music, delicious food, faith and friendship when the magic of Greece comes to town.

Our festival has something to offer everyone young and old. Taste the wonderful flavors of Greece, enjoy folk dancing entertainment, listen to traditional Greek music, visit the many shops and explore the rich culture that only Greece has to offer.

The Festival will offer the following wonderful features:

  • Authentic Greek Food & Pastries
  • Beer, Wine & Soda
  • Greek Music
  • Folk Dance Performers
  • Costume & Fine Jewelry
  • Kid's Zone
  • Silent Auction
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I lived there from 1986 to 2001

by ThereIsNoDiversity

I take it you've never actually been anywhere else.
Crappy paintings of wolves and adobe buildings made by people that are 1/32nd Pima are not art. They're a joke. Next thing you're going to tell me is that you're attending exhibitions at the park and swap at the dog track.
The closest thing to art that Phoenix ever had was that elephant at the zoo that use to paint. That's it. I remember when the 51 opened, and the city paid about one million to have those pots put along the retaining walls. The city had a FUCKING FIT. The old people were going crazy because they might have to pay an extra 5 cents a year in taxes to pay for something nice


Everybody Loves the Greek Festival!  — Santa Barbara View
Members of the congregation have long shared their beloved Greek culture with all of Santa Barbara at the annual Santa Barbara Greek Festival. This year, the festival marks its 41st year.

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What is the address of St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church?

Logan Road, London N9 0LP

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