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(Courtesy: Surviving College)If you won’t be attending a music festival at all this summer, you’re missing out on something pretty amazing, just saying.

If you will be sacrificing 3+ days of indoor plumbing and AC to experience a weekend of music and mischief, you are probably camping.

I am not a camper, but I’ve grown to love pitching a tent in the middle of some field for a weekend and blending in amongst the hippies and hipsters. I’ve camped at two festivals and am about to do my third, so I’d say I’m an expert :)

Can’t help you out with music recommendations, but I can suggest a few items that you should probably shove into your trunk to make your festival experience a wee bit more enjoyable.


And/or baby wipes.

Think about this for a hot second. A couple hundred porta-potties, a few thousand hot, sweaty and very possibly drunk human beings. It’s only a matter of time before those plastic restrooms are running on empty, in terms of the TP, they are guaranteed to be quite full otherwise.

Anyway, you’re gonna want to have a few rolls with you just in case. When you are lined up to empty the tank in the morning, you will thank me when you don’t have to use the last questionable piece on the only roll you can find in your little hot box of doom. Baby wipes are a good call as well, they can help you out in the john, as well as double as a shower in a plastic pouch.

2. Something that can function as a shower

Speaking of showers, take one long enough to last you a few days before you head out to your festival of choice. Sure, most festivals give you the option to shower on the campgrounds, but paying to take a shower in the back of a weird truck, only to walk back to the campsite in the heat on a dusty road immediately after never really appealed to me.

Surviving-College-Logo-300x100You can really rough it and just give yourself a few baby wipe rub downs everyday, or you can bring a bunch of gallon jugs of water and some shampoo and really make a go of it. I think this year I’ll be bringing one of those giant water jugs with the little spigot on the front — pop that on the roof of the car and you have an instant shower.

Please also don’t forget deodorant.

3. Tent Accessories (Tarps on tarps on tarps)

Technically, all you really need to shelter yourself is a tent, however, it is nice to have some extra layers of protection. Tarps are not all that expensive, and they will easily put an extra layer between you and the dirt.

It might rain, and you don’t want to take any risks and end up having your tent flooded in the middle of the night. Tarps can also add an extra layer of protection on top of your tent. Even better, if you have one of those canopy things people use as vender tents and such, or know someone who has one, those things are like gold. They will protect you from rain, from sun, and from having a lame camp site.

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Popular Q&A

Apart from all the obvious things, what one essential would you take to a musical festival?

hobo gloves. :)

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