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Music Festival in San Francisco

It is a bit paradoxical to use the word traditionally with a practice of the avant garde - but, traditionally the words tape music have referred to the target media of a new kind of music. This new kind of music is not composed for arbitration by a pianist and the piano, so it must not be piano music. . . not for the string quartet, not for the orchestra, not even for the rock 'n roll band.

Music Composed for Tape.

The idea of a music composed for a fixed medium, while perhaps starting down a path, does not really lead us to a fundamentally new art. If the only criteria for differentiating tape music from all other musics is the fixed delivery medium - magnetic tape, vinyl, CD, miniDisc - then our thought has just led us to all industrialized forms of music, so called "popular" and "classical". When this is our only standard, we discover tape music is actually the foremost music of our time. The kids love it, the moms subdue their road-rage with it, the dads sing tunelessly with it, and so on.

But This Music May Not be Music.

The pieces we present transcend simplistic notions of music and its materials and its "instruments." The recording/playback media itself is treated not as a stand-in for an absent performer, a poor man's orchestra, but as a vital and unique territory for exploration/exploitation. They coexist in many worlds, blurring the line between composition, field recordings, sound design, "cinema for the ear, " virtual [audio] reality, "radio" drama, and sound synthesis. This artform does not depend upon the posturing of performers. It does not worship the technology with which it was produced, nor does it fetishize the physical medium in which it is contained. There is nothing to see here! In the same way cinema is NOT theatre, tape music is NOT music.

sfSoundRadio is now playing many tape works from
our . TUNE IN NOW!
Read Joseph Anderson's short Essay & Program Notes on the history of San Francisco Tape Music Center & our San Francisco Tape Music Collective (aka the "new" SFTMC).
[ from the The University of Edinburgh Soundings Showcase ]
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The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2006

by deeplistenr

Cinema for the Ear
The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2006
January 27-29, 2006
ODC Theater
3153 17th St (@ Shotwell)
San Francisco
$12 [$7 students/seniors/underemployed] each night
$24 [$14 students/seniors/underemployed] for festival pass
Box Office: 415-863-9834 [2pm-5pm, Wed-Sat]
To purchase tickets online:
The New San Francisco Tape Music Center returns to ODC Theater for its annual Festival. This three day event of fixed media audio art features an impressive and meticulously placed arrangement of sixteen speakers, immersing the audience in an exploratory and experimental sound environment focused on the listening experience

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