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Norman Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festivals are outdoor gatherings that imitate a historic time for the joy and amusement of the people attending. There are many of these fairs and festivals held all over the United States, and most have grown to be a very popular attraction for families and people of all ages. Set in 325 acres of woodlands, The Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, North Carolina is one of the largest and most unique Renaissance fairs nationwide. I Spoke with Matt Siegel, Marketing Director for festival held October 4-November 23 this year, to find out what makes this particular Renaissance Festival so unique.

RAL: Tell me a little bit about the festival.
MS: The Festival opened in 1994 as a six-acre Renaissance themed village and has grown, over its 21 years, into a 22-acre fairytale land. It is nestled in autumn woodlands so you really feel like you have entered a storybook. You will find a wide array of attractions such as 11 stages of live entertainment featuring professional circus stunts, cultural dances, live music, juggling, magic tricks, comedy shows, storytelling theater, and more. As you walk through the village, the festival becomes an interactive theater as you are greeted by over 500 costumed characters, some fictional and some actual people from renaissance history. The Village Marketplace has over 100 vendors featuring artist demonstrations of crafts such as pottery, hand-blown glass, jewelry making, and blacksmithing; with the opportunity to purchase completed items. Visitors should come hungry because the feasting is an attraction in itself. The food here is spectacular and it’s not like your usual fried affair. We have slow cooked, high quality, culinary menu items such as premium meat served on sticks, stews, sweet and savory crepes, scotched eggs, and fish and chips. The list just goes on and on, but it’s all fantastic! We also have a variety of games and rides throughout the Village that are powered by pushing peasants, rather than electricity! The whole Festival is really hard to put into words. It is a must see!

RAL: It sounds like this event would be fun for everyone, but what is the demographic you typically attract?
MS: We attract a little over 180, 000 attendees over our eight-weekend event and those attendees are typically families, but we also appeal to young adults and seniors. The event honestly appeals to all ages as the attractions we offer cater to everyone.

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Fruit Hunters

by luvourmother

Fruit glossary:
Here’s my new film, “The Fruit Hunters.” How to describe this creature? Well, it’s a true departure for me. I spent 2 years following fruit-obsessed horticulturalists, pomologists, and backyard enthusiasts. We’ve traveled to Bali in search of white-fleshed mangoes, gone hunting in Borneo for the rare kura-kura durian, joined an Italian fruit detective sleuthing amongst Renaissance paintings for long-forgotten figs, trudged through fermented banana sludge in the hopes of finding a replacement for our threatened banana

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Gathering of the Vibes opening day is a family affair  — New Haven Register
Both of them love the Vibes, which is one of a number of festivals they go to each summer, including the Hudson River Clearwater Festival, The StrangeCreek Campout and the Wormtown Music Festival. “It's the music, it's the fellowship ..

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