Olympic-size Muditorium

Renaissance Festival Ohio

Prepare thyself for a non-stop, day-long adventure!

Queen Elizabeth and over 150 costumed characters invite you to this 30-acre re-created 16th Century English village where you can enjoy over 400 years of fun in a single day! Featuring nearly 100 shows daily on 11 stages, over 135 unique arts and crafts shops, hearty food and drink fit for Kings, games of skill and human-powered rides to amuse all ages, the Ohio Renaissance Festival offers something for everyone!

The most unique shopping experience found anywhere!

Throughout the 30-acre village Marketplace you’ll find over 135 world-class artisans featuring hand made wares such as clothing, jewelry, pottery, weaponry, home décor, art, and more. Demonstrations of time honored crafts like coin striking, glass blowing, stone carving, leather tooling, boot making, candle making, blacksmithing, metalsmithing, and weaving can also be seen.

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Former resident

by Rue37

Well, the #1 thing I do in Phoenix is eat Mexican food. the best is Casa Reynoso in Tempe on Rural Road. It doesn't look like much, but it's great. The Heard Museum is world famous for its Native American collection. Sedona is an awesome place to visit. Prescott is closer and a very cool old west type of town. The Renaissance Festival is happening in about Feb., I think.

Ah, it wasn't cool either in OR or at home.

by diverseworld

It got into the mid 90s both places and it was nice to have the overcast skies on Friday when I went to the fair since it cooled it down some. No one objected at all.
I really didn't evoke much of an image of the Fair itself, which is a unique event out on paths in the country in the woods with all sorts of entertainment, crafts, food, alternative information and a general mellow feeling somewhere between renaissance fair and very laid back music festival. It's a very colorful and different sort of place; kind of an ecotopia/entertainment village for a long weekend. It's a good break from city or suburb

I don't know what you are into but

by Wond3ring

I would advise against a dinner date. *Ugh*, nothing worse for a first date. Staring at each other across a table with our mouths full of food trying to keep some artificial conversation going at all costs to avoid awkward silences... Brrrr, dreadful!
Same with movies. Not really conducive to fun interactions.
Save that for when you know each other a bit better.
A good first date gives you the opportunity to focus on something else than each other, while still allowing you to talk. It could be a lot of things. Fun things! Everyone has their preferences

Part 2.....

by beatslug

While I'm pointing out this obvious fact, here are a few other things that are not free: overtime for police officers and municipal workers, trash hauling, repairs to fixtures and property, condoms, Band-Aids and the food that inexplicably appears on the tables in your makeshift protest kitchens. Real people with real dollars are underwriting your civic temper tantrum.
Your word is your bond. When you demonstrate to eliminate student loan debt, you are advocating precisely the lack of integrity you decry in others. Loans are made based on solemn promises to repay them. No one forces you to borrow money; you are free to choose educational pursuits that don't require loans, or to seek technical or vocational training that allows you to support yourself and your ongoing educational goals

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Both of them love the Vibes, which is one of a number of festivals they go to each summer, including the Hudson River Clearwater Festival, The StrangeCreek Campout and the Wormtown Music Festival. “It's the music, it's the fellowship ..

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