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Texas Renaissance Festival address

This place is kid friendly in that it has a lot of fun kid activities and foods for them. It is not kid friendly in that people there do dress up and by dress up I mean wear scantily clad costumes. Most of the costumes are not that bad but some of them are so just be aware.

IF you go when it is HOT, bring sun screen and plan to buy a lot of water because there is a lot of walking. Wear your walking shoes or comfortable shoes to walk or stand in.

My biggest question was "how much money should I bring?" and the website says it is up to you so let's talk about cost

First of all you can get tickets for 17 dollars for Sundays only, or 21 for any other day (adult tickets) from Walgreens. So buy them ahead of time. It is 26 dollars per adult at the gate.

The festival guide with the map in it is 5 dollars at the festival. You can view maps for free outside of the bathroom areas where I saw maps posted so you can also just wing it and find your way around. There's also a free APP you can download with a map/guide from their website.

Food -

Turkey legs $8
Sweet potato tator tots $4
Slice of Pizza $4
Chicken on a stick - $6 (fried chicken filets)
Philly Cheesesteak -$6
Beer - $7 (bud light is $5) a plastic cup
Soft drinks - $3 (20 oz bottles)
Wine - $8 (a cup)
Water - $2.50 (a bottle)
Monster energy drink can - $4.50

There were many different food vendors but the prices throughout especially for the drinks were the same. A LOT more food and drinks are available but those are the ones I remember and that will give you an idea of what kind of prices you'll pay for food or drink. If it's a hot day - be ready to buy lots of drinks or water cause walking around will really make you thirsty and tired.

The policy is no outside food and drink.


There's tons of merchants trying to sell you merchandise here, half of it hand crafted, half of it generic overpriced items.

Stuff like ceramic, wood, horn cups or mugs and other wares to eat/drink with : 25 - 80 dollars. They ARE really nice. But like I said - they're expensive.

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Ahh you're in Syracuse too...

by xsms87

I ride horses in the area...just google local horse farm that teach lessons and take a few...depending on how quickly you pick it up you could check that item off your list in a month or so.
As for the other stuff...hmm. Sometime you can milk cows at the State Fair. AND I rode an elephant at the Renaissance Festival out in Sterling a long time ago. They might still do it.

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I am a D1 Student-Athlete so I know how your feeling with limited time! If you are doing a proper workout it does not need to take more than 45 minutes (weight training). Cardio is up to you. You have about 5 months which is a lot of time, I would say alternate days, 45 min a day.

Monday: weight train

Tuesday: Cardio/Plyometric Workout

Wednesday: weight train

Thursday: Cardio/Plyo

Friday: weight train

Sat/Sun: lots of cardio!

if you don't have time to workout every day of the week I would say pick 3 days of the week and just do you cardio right after lifitng.

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