Portland Strawberry Festival

Portland Strawberry Festival

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Even rain couldn’t keep a crowd of people away from sampling strawberry-smothered goodies Saturday afternoon at the 36th annual Strawberry Festival.

Adorned in rain-resistant gear, Mainers young and old flooded the festival to show their community spirit and feed their sweet teeth for the day.

Sheltered by a set of white tents, 17-year-old Lola Johnson scooped a hefty serving of whipped cream onto overflowing bowls of shortcake.

“It’s just a lot of fun, ” said Johnson, a Marshwood High School senior. “It’s great to see everyone come together to support the community.”

Johnson, who had volunteered to serve the featured treat for the fourth year in a row, stood among more than 12 people as they passed the desserts down an assembly line. Each volunteer added a component to the treat. Aside from being a four-year-veteran of the berry festival, Johnson said she has had practice serving dishes while working at Kittery Estates nursing home.

“This is nothing, ” she said with a smile.

Across from Johnson were two more student volunteers, a brother and sister who worked side-by-side to top off dishes of shortcake.

Anna Lietz, 16, came across the volunteer position through Marshwood’s Interact Club. Lietz, a Berwick resident, said she was looking for a way to get involved with her community.

“It’s nice to be helping, ” she said as she scooped a heap of strawberries onto a serving of shortcake. “That’s why I dragged my brother along!”

Eighteen-year-old Andrew Lietz stood next to his sister, garnishing the dish with a cloud of whipped cream. Lietz said he is home for the summer after studying at the University of Maine in Orono and was looking for something to do.

“I thought it would be a fun thing to do now that I’m back from college, ” he said, noting that it was his first year volunteering at the festival.

According to Khayyam Mohammed, publicity coordinator for the daylong event, feeding attendees takes pounds upon pounds of ingredients.

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When is the Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade?

April 2nd around 9am.

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