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Strawberry Festival Orange County

But it wasn’t until after WWII that strawberries really took off in a big way in O.C. Beginning around 1968, they were clearly our most profitable crop. That year, we had 1, 775 acres, which was probably our biggest year for strawberries.

Anglos, Japanese and Latinos work together in an O.C. strawberry field during the Great Depression.

As more and more of Orange County has been paved, strawberries have continued to be a crop that survived in the margins. It was common to find a small field tucked in between housing tracts or shopping centers. Even a small field could be profitable, and growers often had success selling the berries to local residents from roadside stands. But now even these last small pockets of strawberries are dwindling. In 2012, for instance, we lost the last strawberry field in Garden Grove: The home of the Strawberry Festival.
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Floriduh in the news again

Fla. Investigate Deaths After Zoo Visits
ORLANDO, Fla. Mar 23, 2005 — Five children were in critical condition with kidney failure and may have picked up a rare infection at petting zoos, health officials said.
Four children were hospitalized after visiting the Central Florida Fair, which ended in Orlando on March 13. A fifth child was stricken after going to a petting zoo at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, which also ended March 13.

Cavern Entertainment Audio Music CD Compact Disc of The 1998 LAIFF Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Music Sampler with 18 songs.
Single Detail Page Misc (Cavern Entertainment)
  • 1, Drive by Joe 90 2. By Myself by Litany 3. April Fools by Rufus Wainwright
  • 4. Sunblush by The Autumns 5. Strawberry Blonde By Ron Sexsmith
  • 6. Disc0: The Secretaries Blues by Beulah 7. My Morning Parade by Eric Matthews
  • 8. Space Queen by 10 Speed 9. High by Jimmy s Chicken Shack
  • 10. We fold at the fork by Sukpatch 11. Sweetest Revenge by Kim Fox

A guide to fine art exhibits, theater and more  — Knoxville News Sentinel
Performers wanted for fair, Sept. 5-14. Application deadline: Aug. 11. or 865-215-1470.

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Where is the Acting festival in orange county?

The closest thing I could find was the Newport Beach Film Festival which was held on Feb 2nd of this year ChaCha!

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